Congrats, y’all! You make a great team!
And thanks for enjoying my scheme!
With three other friends
you joined up the ends,
and here’s your reward: my esteem.

I know that’s an anticlimactic
reward for your efforts syntactic,
so since you’re a winner,
I’ll treat you to dinner,
anywhere intragalactic.

Forward’s the way that I’m looking!
It’s vague, since we don’t have a booking,
but the goal (as you knew)
is to spend time with you,
where somebody else does the cooking.

But the goal of this little endeavor
was not just to make rhymes that are clever,
(which is what you’d expect)
but to please and connect
my four closest friends in, like, ever.

So thank you for being so game,
and going along with my aim.
The quest is adjourned!
Rest well; you have earned
some food and some localized fame.