how are you?

Someone asks ‘how are you?’, and our tendancy is to give a short answer; “fine”, “good”, “meh”, etc.

A much more honest and complete way to answer would be to do a bit of a self-check, and say how we’re really feeling:

“Well, I’m doing pretty good, actually; my body is comfortable in this chair, but my jeans are a bit too tight in this position… I’m feeling a bit annoyed at my tonal earbud, but I’m working on making it fit better… this song is really pretty so I’m enjoying that, and my mind is busy thinking… I’m having a good day and am in a good mood… All in all, I’m good! Thanks!”

We don’t answer like that because we think no one cares. We think no one has time to listen to us. We think no one honestly wants to know how we honestly are.

Well, guess what? I care. I have time to listen to you. I really want to know.

So, how are you?

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