How can a sensitive, world-changing writer market without feeling slimy?

Tara Swiger is one of our bonus speakers for the World-Changing Writing Workshop! She’ll be talking about how to market your heart-stuff without feeling all slimy. Today, she’s sharing the secret to writing about your work for your perfect people.

You make something lovely, something full of heart, full of soul. Whether it’s your writing, your handcraft or your smarts – you want to share it with the world.

You want to make it your living, to have it fill your hours, to be supported through your passion.

So you start to read business advice. And you learn about marketing.

But something in you resists.

What you have is special. It’s full of your soul, your heart, your deepest you-ness.

It can’t be “marketed” like a loaf of bread.

And do you reallly want the whole word to see it, judge it, opine on it?

I’ve been there. Heck, I’m there nearly every time I sit down to write.

As artists, as writers, as creatives, we’re pulled in two directions: the desire to create our thing and live out loud and let it fly into the world….and the need to protect that which we love so much.

We know we can only change the world if we share with the world…and yet it terrifies us.

So what’s a sensitive, world-changing writer to do? 

Tap into your love

You love what you do, right? You first started down this business-advice rabbit hole because you wanted more oppurtunities to do what you love. But somewhere, you got tangled up in Twitter followers and blog stats and you forgot that it’s all in service to your love.

Take a step back. Revisit your core beliefs, your passion and your dreams.

And when you next share your thing, share it from love, not from needy, grabby shoulds.

Make your own map

When you remembered your dreams and your love, you see that they’re not on the same path as everyone else. In fact, your path might not be like anyone else you know. If that’s the case, then why are you following their maps?

Make your own map – set your own destination, take stock of your supplies and skills, and plot your course.

Stop sharing it with everyone

Get really specific about your readers really are, where they are, and how they want to interact with your stuff…and do that only. Instead of trying to make a big, broad, bold message, write for just your people, and show them how to change their world.

Here’s the secret about effective marketing of any product: it’s all about what makes YOU awesome and special and what your PEOPLE love, need and want. Those are the only two things you ever need to think about. Filter every decision through those two and it’ll be a lot less scary.

And when you follow your own map and you share from a place of love, for specific people, you’ll find sharing your thing is easier. And through sharing it, you might just change someone’s world.

Tara Swiger is a writer, maker and Starship Captain. Her book, Market Yourself, is a step-by-step system and workbook for sharing your sweet handmade thing with just the Right People. 

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