How has the Connection Revolution changed the world this year? (And what’s next?)

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This post is for everyone who’s ever wondered “Just what does this Connection Revolution actually do?

In 2011, the Connection Revolution helped thousands of dreamers blossom into world-changers, in small and large ways.

We inspired you to connect with yourself, connect with Spirit, connect with others, and change the world. (If you’d like a refresher on how connection will change the world, .)

The Three Pillars of the Connection Revolution

The courses we teach fall into three main categories:

  1. Self (connect with yourself)
  2. Writing (connect with others: touch them through writing)
  3. Business (connect with others: help them through business)

Not everyone here is interested in all three of these, and that’s totally fine. Just focus on what’s relevant to you in your life right now, and skip over the rest.

How we changed the world in 2011

The Helping Pie

Based on feedback we’ve heard and sweet emails people have sent to us, we made a pie chart of what helped change the world the most in 2011. We factored in both quantity and quality, and we came up with this “Helping Pie”:

The largest light-blue slice is the World-Changing Writing Workshop (WCWW). It helped a lot of people a medium amount. Coaching (purple) and blog/newsletter (orange) are the next largest two slices. Coaching helped two handfuls of people a great deal, and the blog and the newsletter helped a huge number of people a small amount. “UE” is The Usual Error, “52WtA” is 52 Weeks to Awesome, and “PI” is Profitable Idealism.

It’s hard to measure this, but it’s worth the effort. It keeps us focused on our main goal, which is to change the world.

The Profit Pie

The Connection Revolution is a movement, and it’s also a business. (Here’s why.) In the spirit of openness and connection, we’d like to tell you about the business side of things.

Here’s a breakdown of how much net profit we made in 2011. If you’d like to compare the profit pie and helping pie for 2010, you can see them here.


The two biggest slices are the World-Changing Writing Workshop (light blue) and coaching (purple). It’s nice that these are two of the biggest slices of the helping pie, too; that means our profits are aligned with our goals.

The business is almost but not quite to the point where it could fully support our family of 3. In the meantime, I’m still working 50% time at my day job.

Our plans for 2012

These pies help us do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

We’ll continue posting in the blog and writing/videoing for the eZine. We now only write (or video) one article per week, but we’re doing our best to make that weekly article as helpful as possible.

This summer, we’ll be teaching the 3rd Annual World-Changing Writing Workshop (WCWW3)! We’re excited to tell you all about it soon!

We’ll also be expanding our coaching practices; after WCWW3 we’ll be doubling the number of clients we each take on at a time. We have enough time and attention for this now that we have an assistant. (Yay Ellie!)

We’ll be doing fewer joint ventures so we can focus on our own Great Work. WCWW3 may be the only course we teach with guest speakers this year.

We’ll find other ways to build connection in our community, though — starting with the World-Changer of the Month award. All subscribers of our eZine will be able to participate in a group discussion each month with the recipient of the award. And we’ve got some ideas for using our Facebook group to help you connect with each other.

So what course will we teach in the fall, or the winter? We’ve got some ideas, based on the great feedback we’ve been getting from you in those surveys earlier this year. But instead of just creating a course based on that feedback, we’re thinking of teaching several free teleclasses on those topics to see how many people actually show up. We’ll keep you posted. (:

Who are you?

Speaking of those surveys, here are the results of the “Who are you?” survey! Your responses really touched us, and they’re helping us make the Connection Revolution be of service to you in 2012 and beyond. We won’t share the sweet and amazing things you wrote because many of them are very personal (despite being anonymous) but here are the results of all the tickyboxes that everyone ticked, sorted by the percentage of people who ticked it.

79% writer
76% reader
68% emotional
67% spiritual
62% teacher
62% dreamer
62% artist
60% visionary
58% world-changer
58% entrepreneur
51% self-employed
51% geek
49% leader
49% idealist
49% blogger
48% healer
45% change agent
44% student
33% logical
32% edgewalker
32% activist
29% revolutionary
26% coach
25% musician
19% shaman
18% follower
14% scientist
14% mender
09% political activist
09% employee
05% religious


If you take the top 10 most ticked tickyboxes and squish them into two imaginary people, you might get an emotional writer/artist who loves to read and has big dreams and a spiritual visionary teacher/entrepreneur who wants to change the world.

If you attached imaginary nametags to these two imaginary people, they might read, respectively, “Kyeli” and “Pace”.

Just sayin’. (;

Any questions?

Feel free to ask!

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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