I co-authored an e-book with Seth Godin’s Triiibe!

Seth Godin recently wrote a book called Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us. He’s using the word “tribe” in the general sense to mean any community with a shared bond. (Kyeli’s face is on the inside front cover of Seth’s book! It’s so cool!) As soon as the book was pre-released, Seth also launched an invite-only social networking site called Triiibes, open only to readers of his blog who pre-ordered the book.

Triiibes turned out to be a friendly, fun group of people with an amazing talent for getting shit done. And here, my friends, is an example of that. We co-authored an e-book on the concept of tribes, which Seth released today as a counterpart to his book. Each of the co-authors wrote a case study on a particular tribe or a particular aspect of the nature of tribes.

You can download the e-book in PDF format here, or by clicking on the burning building. Feel free to share it, but don’t change it or sell it.

  • My case study, Bi Poly Kinky Pagan Gamer Geeks, is on page 139.
  • Megan’s, On Diversity, is on page 77.
  • My friend Joe Noonan wrote one called A Pitcher of Heroes on page 143.
  • Anne McCrossan, Galaxy Zoo – The Tribe That Looks Out For Us, page 34.
  • Lori Hoeck, The Tribe That Deals With Life, Death, and Chaos, page 213.
  • Becky Blanton, The Butterfly Effect, page 140. She’ll be making a guest post here soon!
  • Trish Lambert, Bluewater Cruising, page 168.
  • Ed Welch, KOTOR – When Star Wars Tribes and Gaming Tribes Overlap, page 12.
  • CoCreatr Bernd Nurnberger, The Ride of Silence, page 25.

There are over 100 case studies in the e-book; those are just the ones written by my friends. I plan on reading a couple each time my feed reader runs out of the internet, until I make it all the way through. (:

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