Iron Pentacle

Last week, Pace talked in depth about spirituality, both in general and personally. This kicked off a new series – we’re going to do a series of posts about Iron Pentacle.

Sounds witchy. What is it?

It is witchy! Iron Pentacle is a tool used by Reclaiming and Feri witches (and others, but mostly those two groups). It’s deep self-work. It’s magick. It’s spirit. It’s about sex, pride, self, power, and passion. It loosens stuck stuff. It opens closed stuff. It’s digging down and clearing out. It’s epiphany-inducing. It’s often tear-inducing. It’s, um, apparently hard to put into words. Witchy things are often hard for me to put into words.

That’s cute, but very woo-woo.

Okay, I can do this. We recently took an Iron Pentacle class with two teachers, Kira and Helix. They were an incredible team. They were kind, loving, open, and supportive of our work – even while entrenched in their own work (teaching self-work and magick is learning self-work and magick). In the class, we went through each point on the pentacle:

So, we focus on one point at a time, and we connect and ground, center, open up, breathe, listen…

And then I’m back to talking like I’m in ritual. Hmm. Apparently, writing about witchy stuff in a non-woo-woo way is quite difficult for me, so I’m going to pass the buck to Pace.

Take it away, Pace!

Thanks, Kye. (:

The Iron Pentacle is a concept. It’s a mental and spiritual tool. Like we talked about last week, you don’t need to believe anything for it to work for you. It will work whether you believe anything in particular or not.

But what does it do?

It aligns your head, heart, and body. It aligns you with your Higher Self. What that means in practical terms is that when you make important decisions after balancing yourself with the Iron Pentacle, you’re far less likely to regret them later.

It grounds you and energizes you. When you’re feeling scatterbrained, running the Iron Pentacle can help you get back to earth and feel centered again

It teaches you about yourself. If you have issues about sex, pride, self, power, or passion (and if you’re human, you probably do), you’ll feel blockages in different points of the Iron Pentacle. Sometimes just working through the Iron Pentacle can unstick the blockages, and sometimes it just points the way.

Sounds intriguing!

We learned so much in our Iron Pentacle class that we have about a dozen blog posts to share with you on the subject. We’ll be posting about Iron Pentacle every Friday for the foreseeable future. So if you want to learn more stuff that is spectacular (and ironly pentacular), just keep reading! (:

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