Is your biggification proud and mindful, or arrogant and gilded?

When the points of the Iron Pentacle are in balance, it’s healthy and good. There are two ways that each point can get out of balance: rusted (deflated) and gilded (inflated). For example, if the point of Pride were rusted, it would be Shame or Guilt, and if it were gilded, it would be Arrogance or Hubris.

One of the personal growth techniques a lot of people talk about is putting yourself in a mindset of having instead of wanting. Instead of thinking “I want $5000/month”, instead think “I have $5000/month”, and this will send out vibrations that resonate in the universe and make it come to pass.

I sort of get the idea, but it feels inauthentic to me.

But the general idea is that one way to grow is to raise your mindset to be a little bigger, then you will grow into your newly biggified shoes. Take this one for example: “I am a well-respected expert on relationships and communication.”

So here’s the big question:

Is this biggification mindful or gilded?

(If you prefer business-speak, substitute “marketing” or “business image” for “biggification”.)

On the surface, they seem an awful lot alike.

On the one hand, it seems gilded (Arrogant and full of Hubris) to make yourself out to be bigger than you are.

On the other hand, it seems mindful to embiggen your shoes so you have room to grow into them.

Intent: Is that the answer?

A big difference between the two is intent. Are you trying to puff yourself up to feel better about yourself, or are you trying to mindfully embiggen yourself to be a better (more effective, more helpful, happier) person? In other words, if you’re biggifying your shoes, are you biggifying your feet too?

That’s a step closer to the answer, but bottoming out at intent doesn’t satisfy me, because of Honest Hal. So let’s talk about roots instead of intent.

Is your biggification rooted in fear or in love?

Are you puffing yourself up because you’re afraid of not being good enough? Are you telling everyone else how awesome you are because you’re insecure and don’t believe it yourself?

Or are you growing your self-image because you wish to grow your self? Are you expanding your words and thoughts because you want to bring more love, care, and goodness to yourself or to others?

That’s it. That’s how to tell the difference between mindful and gilded biggification. Rooted in fear, or rooted in love? As of today, I have some of each.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

From now on, I will be more mindful of where my biggification is rooted.

I’ll remember that it’s okay to feel afraid.

And if I find myself reacting to my fear by shouting “Look how awesome I am!”, I’ll listen to my fear. I’ll acknowledge it. Then I’ll take a breath, think about it mindfully, remember the iron and gilded pentacles, and listen to my heart.

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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