Jen Louden is awesome.

(We know this is Book Week, but this just couldn’t wait.)

It’s not every day we add someone to our Awesome People list over there on the side. We’ve been getting to know Jen Louden through her blog and via email, and she’s one of the sweetest, kindest, most genuine and authentic people we know. She wants to help people find comfort and to know themselves more truly, and it shines through.

Jen is a sweetheart every day of the year, so why are we posting about her today? Because she also launched something amazing today. (In fact, she also posted a video of herself today. How odd and synchronous.)

The awesome thing that Jen is launching today is the 2009 Virtual Comfort Retreat.

Look again! That’s not a very comfortable turkey in a very comfortable pot. It’s a very comfortable person in a very comfortable armchair. (In, apparently, a very comfortable pot. NO! A TEACUP!)

The Comfort Retreat is a shared (virtual) space where you can share soul-nourishing comfort and warmth with oodles of awesome people who will help you learn ways to keep your calm, chewy center while mad crazy stuff is happening all around you. If that sounds interesting to you, check it out.

If you do end up registering for the retreat, you get a free 30-minute communication coaching call with yourses trulies. (:

Tomorrow we’re back to Book Week, but Jen Louden gets to stay on the list of awesome people indefinitely. (:

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