Kyeli’s 33rd Birthday Quest. Not To Say That She’s Had 33 Birthday Quests, But More Like That It’s About A Quest In Honor Of Her 33rd Birthday.

a story told in Kyelitweets, photos, and a bit of narration for suspense and glue

Our story begins on the morn of Kyeli’s 33rd birthday. Pace hands Kyeli a battered manila envelope containing a sole piece of paper.

My first clue! Birthday treasure hunt!

Kyeli googles “kyeli33”, but Google fails her. She takes the hint of the stapled business card and constructs a clever URL:

Got it! Whee! On to the second clue!

There were two paths to solving the second clue: a nerdy path and a geeky path. The nerdy path was to look at the lengths of the letter groups. The geeky path was to View Source and examine the almost-but-not-quite-black HTML color codes of the clues. Kyeli chose the geeky path and filled in the answer: 2 2 2 2. Coffee and 2222 could mean only one thing…

Got it by cleverness! Starbucks on 2222! And we’re off! (:

At Starbucks, Kyeli was struck by pronoid fantasies. Who was out to make her happy on her birthday? It could be anyone, lurking behind any corner. It could be the barista, the customers… who knew? After scouring the rest of the coffee shop, she ventured over toward the bulletin board…

Wow, that was hard! Found the next clue on the memo board at Starbucks! WTF??!

Omigosh, I’m texting someone I don’t even know!

But what Kyeli didn’t know was that it wasn’t someone she didn’t know — it was Marissa!

Fast response! “Happy birthday, Kyeli! Your next clue is: “Nada Chicken @ A&B”! That’s a Thundercloud sub – Anderson & Burnet! Going!

…and on the bulletin board at Thundercloud Subs:

I don’t know who could have committed this misdemeanor, but it sure was a lucky coincidence that it contained the next clue for Kyeli’s quest, leading her to Conan’s Pizza…

Graffiti! Defacement of public property! Clue #5!

@martieu Hi! Have you a clue for me? (:
@martieu I found it, thank you!!

You see, @martieu had already tweeted the next clue ahead of time.

Woah, clue said: quilling croix samurai comment, led to @victoriashmoria‘s blog, clue there is: email another person I don’t know! Wow!

Kyeli googled “quilling croix samurai comment”. Click on the first link and scroll to the bottom to see the next clue.

Email sent. Now to lunch while we wait for a response! (:

But while Kyeli refreshes her email, her phone rings. It’s a mystery caller!

Clue received, mysterious call from an unknown person. “Broken Legolas, abbreviated Luke.” O_o

This was another googler.

That was a puzzler! Got it; @blondechicken’s blog, next clue with @annabarnett! Looking now!
Clue found: isbn 1932394699, within 100 meters of sushi. Huh! That’s a Ruby on Rails book… Sushi… Hmmmm…

Kyeli ponders. Where is there a bookstore near a sushi place?

Got it! Sushi at Whole Foods, and Book People is about a block from there! On to Book People!!
OH!! It’s IN the Ruby book! Wow, I nearly missed that one! It almost didn’t even occur to me! Next clue: @sarahbairstow!

Man, I hope this is at least almost as fun for you guys as it is for me! Next clue: “go to the exact spot where you and Pace got married.”

That’s a particular spot in our backyard. The intrepid adventurer returns to the place at which her quest began.

Is the suspense killing you??
Found it! More graffiti!! Hmmm…

OKC stands for OKCupid. On Kyeli’s OKCupid profile, there’s a picture of her sitting on top of a marble cow. She took a peek


…and found that some sneaky internet ninja had logged in as her and photoshopped her picture!

“The young wobbler” refers to Wobbly Thing Jr., a rolling file cabinet thingy that (as you might expect) wobbles.

Treasure found! Here’s the box, kindly mutilated by the cats…

(I have no idea why the cats were trying to get at Kyeli’s birthday treasure.)

Pleased and satisfied with the contents of the final cache, at last, Kyeli had completed her quest. Or so she thought…


Google leads the way

New clue too long to fit! Check out the comment at the bottom of this post:

After solving the riddle and texting yet another mystery number…

Fastest response yet! “Final clue is Plato’s theory of forms”! Eeeeeee!
Hey! Hey! We read about that in “Sophie’s World”, which is currently in the glovebox in the car!

Rushing to the garage, Kyeli opens to the chapter on Plato’s theory of forms.

OMG! OMG! I got a Sock Dreams gift card…

…with a twist! Pace is taking me to Portland!!!! Ooooooh happy happy! Squee!!

Well, that’s pretty fucking epic. A trip to Portland so I can shop in my favorite store in person. I am one happy girl. <3

Soon, we will get in touch with our Portland friends so we can be sure to see them when we visit. Soon, Niq will give us the Grand Tour of Sock Dreams HQ.

There will be photos. There will be blogging.

But for now, this concludes Kyeli’s 33rd Birthday Quest. Not To Say That She’s Had 33 Birthday Quests, But More Like That It’s About A Quest In Honor Of Her 33rd Birthday.

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