Last call for the March Birthday Sale!

Friday, we started an impromptu March Birthday Sale, to celebrate all the awesome birthdays in March (of which, there are many!).

Tonight, the sale is over!

So, get in while the getting is cheaper – 52 Weeks to Awesome is only $33 until midnight tonight, if you use the discount code kyelibday !

$33 because I’m 33! And a sale on awesome to celebrate all the awesome in March. Ah, it makes my little Piscean heart so happy. Also, all proceeds from the sale go toward my awesome birthday extravaganza, which I’ll post all about later this week. Til then, you have to wait in eager anticipation, as I had to wait for nearly a month!

And hey, while you wait, you can get started on awesomifying your life. More cheaply. Til midnight.

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