My favorite suffix: -lessnesslessness


Joyless: Without joy.

Joylessness: The state of being without joy. In other words, sorrow.

Sorrowless: Without sorrow.

Sorrowlessness: The state of being without sorrow. In other words, joy.

But if we can say sorrow as joylessness,

then we can say sorrowless as joylessnessless,

and sorrowlessness as joylessnesslessness.

But sorrowlessness means joy, so joylessnesslessness means joy too.

In fact, you can tack the suffix “-lessnesslessness” onto just about any word that takes “-less”, and it means absolutely nothing.

This is why -lessnesslessness is my favorite suffix.

  • fearlessnesslessness = fear
  • hopelessnesslessness = hope
  • happinesslessnesslessness = happiness

-nesslessnessless works similarly for words that take “-ness”, like so:

  • happinesslessnessless = happy
  • courageousnesslessnessless = courageous
  • greatnesslessnessless = great

Extra credit: double it up! Triple it up! Add as many “-lessnesslessness”‘s as you want – just be careful to not stop in the middle of one, or you’ll reverse the meaning! Joylessnesslessnesslessnesslessness is wonderful, but you wouldn’t want to feel joylessnesslessnesslessnesslessnesslessness, would you?

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