Mad Props Monday: Karen Hyde

Another installment in the series of posts of the WCWW scholarship contest winners and runners-up! Today’s post is written by Karen Hyde, one of our scholarship runners-up. Enjoy!

World Changing

It’s a big concept, changing the world. It’s a big task too. But it’s a challenge I’m up for. I need to change the world. As I’ve grown older, I am no longer content to watch the world pass me by and keep quiet. I feel an urge to fight, to incite change and provoke thought. I am not rich, I do not have a powerful position in my job and I do not have unlimited resources. What I do have is a voice, a critical eye and a passion for the human race.

I believe in order to change the world, you have to start with people. People can effect change in our surroundings and with others. As an aspiring life coach, I want to help people discover their passions, their own voice and give them the gift of power in their own lives. I want to change the world by making people happier, more secure with who they are and moving them towards completing the tasks or goals that are important to them. It is my firmly held belief that when people are happy and satisfied in their own lives, that they can then move outside of their personal bubble and help others.

I liken it to when you’re on an airplane and during the spiel about emergency procedures, they tell you to put on your own life vest and oxygen mask before someone else’s. Until you are safe, you cannot really save anyone else. Until you have your life heading where you want it to go, it is difficult to move anyone else in that direction. I want to be the one helping people get their lives heading in the direction they want, so they can turn around and help someone else.

I began blogging in earnest in September of 2009. My first blog was and is A Year of Doing. It’s a personal blog about my quest to do things. Anything, just get out and do. I started the process to become a Big Sister with the local Big Brother/Big Sister program, I began wanting to travel and see the rest of the world, not just my little corner of Southern Ontario. In a short time, I realized that the things that I wanted to do, the things that made me happy and feel alive, were the things that helped others. I got excited about joining committees and wanting to be more active in my community. It was also suggested to me that I look into life coaching. Life coaching is a chance to do exactly what I wanted to do: help people move in the direction of personal satisfaction. I signed up for a program through Coach U and I am taking 2 classes a month and working full time because I know that this is what I am supposed to do. It has also led to me recently start a second blog and business website, Igniting Your Life.

My readership is not large on either site, and both websites are still rather new. I have, however, come to realize that my blogs are being read. And because they are being read, I have an opportunity here to put out my message. I can put something out into the world that is going to be read and listened to. And herein lies the chance for me to do my part to change the world. I am passionate about wanting to make a difference and I am passionate about my message of helping others. What I lack are some of the tools to write world-changing blogs. I have the thoughts and the ideas, but I need to find the best way to put my message out there. This is where the World-Changing Writer’s Workshop would be perfect for me. I need to know how to construct my message to reach as far as I can and make the biggest impact possible. This workshop can teach me. With more than half the names of the guest speakers on my daily reading list, and bookmarked on my home and work computers. I know with complete confidence, that this course would be everything and more that I need to learn to put my message out there effectively.

I want to change the world. Help me to gather the knowledge so that I may spread my message far and wide.

Karen Hyde is a Human Resources Professional by day, but by night she’s a Life Coach, which is really her passion. She’s also a volunteer Big Sister and an avid baker. She loves all things creative and getting messy. You can find her online at or follow her on Twitter.

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