Mad Props Monday: Megan Potter

Greetings and welcome to Mad Props Mondays! This is a series of posts of the WCWW scholarship contest winners and runners-up, coming at you Mondays for the next several weeks.

These posts serve a duel purpose: first and foremost, we’re sharing the sheer awesomeness of our scholarship writers with you. Secondly, they’re helping with the upkeep of our blog while I (Kyeli) prep for surgery and recover after surgery.

Think of it as a series of guest posts (’cause that’s pretty much what it is) – and enjoy!

Today’s post is written by Megan Potter, one of the five scholarship winners.

Change the world… What do I have to say about changing the world?

Oh God, I want it so bad; I want to be a world-changer. I want to say, “When I was twenty-something it was like this, but now, now look at it.”

I just recently saw the Dalai Lama speak (did you know he was 75 years old? I didn’t know that) and he told a story about meeting the Queen Mother (Queen Victoria). I don’t know how long ago this story happened, but he told us that he’d grown up with images of her around him and when he had the opportunity he finally requested an audience with her.

I love the Dalai Lama’s mind; I love how inquisitive, how light and natural he is – real, that’s the word that best describes him. So, he requests and is granted an audience with her and, he tells us, that he’s slightly surprised she’s so “small and chubby”, but he asks his question. Seeing as she was born in 1901 and has pretty much seen the entire century go by, he wants to know: “Is the world better or worse?”

We hear all the time about how terrible the world is. About how much worse illness is, violence is, war is. Ask the average person on the street and I’m sure they’d tell you that the world is getting worse; we’re suffering from a severe case of nostalgia.

But not Queen Victoria. “Better,” she said. The world is getting better for sure, compared to the turn of the twentieth century. We have equality, freedom, and human rights – concepts our ancestors a century ago were hardly familiar with. It may not be perfect, but the world is definitely getting better.

When I’m old and wizened, I want someone to ask me, “Seeing as you’ve been alive this long, can you tell me, is the world better or worse?” And I want to tell them, in all honesty, “Better,” and know in my heart that what I did with my life, everything I poured out into the community, that the small amount I played had a part in making the world better.

The funny thing is, I don’t need to tell my questioner the part I played. Do you think that Queen Victoria than proceeded to narrate all the actions she participated in that qualify her for claiming a part in changing the world for the better? Of course not. It doesn’t matter to me if you know I changed the world, it only matters to me if I, in some small way, helped humanity out.

Years ago, I read the book Cheaper by the Dozen (by Frank B. Gilbreth & Ernestine Gilbreth Carey). It’s a quaint memoir of a father’s life as recorded by his children. Their dad was the very first “efficiency expert”; he was obsessed with it to the point of making specific, step-by-step directions for bathroom usage (like brushing your teeth) for his kids. He was an average man who very few people have ever even heard of (and if not for the book, he’d be nothing more than an obscure mention in an encyclopedia or two), but he changed the world. He invented dozen small and simple things, like touch typing, that we use everyday to make our lives easier. I remember sitting back in shock as I noted the list of his contributions to society. This man changed the way that I live my life, and I didn’t even know it.

When I work through books like “The Fire Starter Session” or other life purpose things, I always answer the questions: What do you want to be known for? What do you want to do with your life? with something like “Change the World!” But even though I say that and tell you all this, something inside me says, change the world? That’s huge. The whole world? That’s… that’s an insurmountable task, don’t you think? There’s just one little-old me, with only so many years of work available to me; if we get down to it, I’d have to say that I’ve probably already wasted a good 30 or so of those years on silly things like simply “getting by”. (Where’s the world changing in that?) How could one little, uneducated, inexperienced me hope to change the entire world?

So, when that completely practical, freaking out voice tells me to put my hand down, sit back in my seat, and put my nose to the grindstone, I remind it of something I learnt in church (yep, church – every now and then they do have a brilliant idea or two). The idea went something like this:

What if I never reach more than three people? What if I get to share my full-out, passionate, nothing held back heart with only three people and I revolutionize their lives? What if I help them rediscover the Feminine Divine in them, or peel back their layers till they see their true core of potential and power? What if, their lives changed, they each reach out to three more people? And those nine people, their lives unadulteratedly changed, each reach out to three more people. I’d have changed 100 people’s lives in no time, and 100 so quickly becomes 1000 and then the whole world. It might not be me touching them all directly, but it’s that heart that I opened and exposed and breathed life and inspiration into that reached out to them.

And hey, if one humble Jewish guy can be declared the Son of God and take over the entire Western world for 2000 years then me – one little, uneducated, inexperienced 32 year old woman, mother, wife, and life changer can honestly expect to sit back at eighty, to see all those threes, multiplied by three, by three, and three again and she’ll know that yes, she did change the world. The world is better because she helped to invite the shift in.

What do I have to say about changing the world? Give me three, full-on, hard-core, committed people and set me free, I know I can do it.

I’m Megan Potter, and I’m a Pagan, New Age, Metaphysically minded, homeschooler (into high school, now that’s freaky!), and a Goddess Worshipper (with a Christian foundation). I believe in a magical, miracle filled world, that Divinity is immanent in everything (including you, your dog, and that tree over there), and that each of us has the power to create our own reality. That, in fact, we have a shared purpose of coming to self-possession, through personal and spiritual development and self-responsibility, for the sake of making a better world. I believe in intuition and divination and that the Limitless Divine both communicates with you and I, but is actively engaged in our lives.

I’m a life-coach, a tarot reader, and a spiritual guide. My business, Limitless Living is all about teaching Beautiful and Courageous women to Honour their Selves, Nurture their Spirits and see their Souls Blossom. You can find me at

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