Are you making space for your creative passions to blossom?

Since Kyeli has been on sabbatical, I’ve watched her discover her own gifts, her own superpowers, her own path. She’s deepened her photography practice, she’s become more easily excitable, and she’s been more excited about new creative projects.

I didn’t expect it to happen to me too.

As “Pace and Kyeli”, we’ve focused on our shared passions so much that we’ve lost touch with our solo passions. Kyeli’s sabbatical has given us both the chance to reconnect and rediscover what we love that isn’t shared.

Kyeli has rekindled her love of photography.

I have rekindled my love of business.

I love helping entrepreneurs, I love talking about business, I love reading books about marketing. I love teaching the nuts and bolts of business models, market research, branding, sales pages, copywriting, joint ventures, and tribe building. (But not SEO. I still find SEO tedious.)

I love helping spiritual entrepreneurs bridge the practical and the profound.

Bridging the practical and the profound is my superpower. It’s not Kyeli’s superpower. Spiritual entrepreneurs are my people – not so much Kyeli’s people.

I like photography but it’s not my passion. Kyeli likes business but it’s not her passion.

We still have tons of shared passions. We talk about them every week on our podcast, Wild Crazy Meaningful Life. But giving each other the space to explore our solo interests has allowed us each to blossom in ways we could not have blossomed if our roots were completely intertwined.

My question to you

What could you say no to? What could you take a sabbatical from? What assumption could you reconsider?

How could you create space for your creative passions to blossom?

What’s next for P&K?

We’re working on ways we can each pursue our own individual passions while still leaving room for our shared passions, too. We’re thinking of branching off our own solo projects (and our own solo websites) in addition to!

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