Many Colors and Flavors.

I followed a river of serendipity:

I read “Eat Mangoes Naked” by SARK.

In it, she wrote about her friend, Andrea, who makes Superhero necklaces, and writes and posts awesome pictures in her blog.

Andrea’s blog had a nifty guest post by Jen Graya video post wherein she dances in various boots and shoes.

It’s beautiful, utterly beautiful.

And through this river of serendipity, I had a personal epiphany. Isn’t it neat when that happens? Bonus epiphany!

I’ve always tried to compartmentalize myself.

I try to smoosh into one box or another. When I’m in barefoot hippie mode, I resent my ass-kicking-boots-wearing punk. When I’m feeling goth, I resent my secret inner folk singer. I wear black or earth tones, flowers or boots; never a combination.

But the real kicker is shame. I feel ashamed of various sides of myself when I’m outwardly being the opposite. Hippie-me is ashamed of goth-me and vice versa.

But I’m not so one-sided. My goth side still likes to listen to folk music, and my barefoot hippie appreciates those ass-kicking boots.

It’s okay to be yourself, whatever that means.

I’m a multi-faceted person – we all are. I can dance just as well in my boots or in my bare feet, with black eyeliner or with flowers in my hair. Either way, I’m still me.

I’m a folk singer and a rock singer. I’m a hedge witch and a technopagan. I wear long stripy socks and ass-kicking books, and I’m a tree-hugging hippie. I’m goth and I’m cheerful.

I’m Kyeli, with all that entails.

Who are you?

What are some of your facets? Do they get along, or are they in opposition?

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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