The real f-word, with Glori B.

Glori B. is a teacher, slam poet, and applied linguist who has a lot to say about “crazy,” “fuck,” and the way we can use words to hurt or to connect.

If you like to abuse the word “fuck”
Then this episode’s going to suck.
But if you would escape
From the culture of rape,
Then stay tuned, because you’re in luck!

  • “hedonist”
  • code words
  • Bitches Anonymous
  • “crazy”
  • gaslighting
  • golf balls
  • reclaiming words
  • lack of intending harm isn’t an excuse
  • the f-word… and the real f-word
  • WCML 121: Help us rename this podcast!
  • p.s. The example Pace failed to think of on the podcast was: intimacy = “into me see”

You can find more of Glori’s slam poetry here.

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