Wholeness and sensing with the belly center (learned from Philip Shepherd)

Some fabulous speakers on scene,
A focus on practice: that’s keen.
We’re still old and white,
But there’s a lot we got right
at IEA 2017!

  • What is IEA 2017 and why do you care?
  • The three centers: head, heart, and belly
  • The enteric brain (“gut brain”)
  • Western culture is mostly orange/rationalistic worldview: WCME 019: Spiral Dynamics and the Enneagram, with Deborah Ooten
  • The patriarchy says “the head center is the only important one”
  • John Coates meets Ahmed of the Sengoi, who communes with the ocean
  • This is why we’re hype about both the Enneagram and weird shit!
  • Our five senses reinforce the paradigm of having a boundary between self and external world.
  • The American dream of individual independence is a dream of “safety” which is really disconnection, e.g. Howard Hughes
  • A magic wand changes one electron and changes the whole world. The universe feels me move and think.
  • The body knows how good a stock trade is
  • “Unintegrated abstraction is unreality” -Philip Shepherd
  • Agriculture changed everything and created good and evil, seed and weed
  • You can’t get to harmony via control
  • Joseph Campbell says the hero is “the man of self achieved submission”
  • “You know that’s a tree. Why would you bother feeling it?”
  • “You get true self knowledge by opening to the world, and the world tells you about yourself.” -Philip Shepherd
  • “Any sensitivity is a form of intelligence, but the sensitivity must be grounded and integrated.” -Philip Shepherd
  • Our culture is blind to wholeness. When you’re blind to wholeness, the present does not exist.
  • Aligning yourself with compassion is dangerous because you say “Okay, now I’m going to be compassionate here” and that disconnects you
  • from wholeness. But if you align yourself with wholeness, you will be compassionate.
  • “No sailor has ever arrived at the pole star, but it keeps you true.” -Philip Shepherd
  • The inclination to raise your consciousness is not aligned with wholeness
  • Why does everyone care about etymology?!
  • Philip Shepherd’s first book: New Self, New World: Recovering Our Senses in the Twenty First Century

You can find Philip Shepherd at philipshepherd.com

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