Weird stuff we’ve experienced, part 1

Kyeli and I have experienced (seen, heard, and felt) some pretty weird shit in our lives: hearing voices, seeing a hovering can opener, telekinesis, knowing things we couldn’t have known via any of our five senses, predicting the future, seeing a UFO, and much more. These are our own stories, so we know they’re true. This is part of our effort to collect stories from people we trust, in an attempt to figure out what the heck is going on, in a way that includes both openness and rigor.

When you see things you cannot explain,
You keep them locked up in your brain.
If you speak up, they’ll sigh
Or roll their good eye,
Or lock you away as insane.

  • Why is everything either rigor or openness, but not both?
  • Kyeli’s confession
  • Miracles happen more since I’ve thrown out my miracle checklist
  • “Miracles,” “paranormal,” and “supernatural” all suggest an explanation. That’s why we say “weird shit,” because we’re curious and open and we don’t know (or presume) the explanation.
  • Pace’s story of predicting the future
  • Kyeli’s story of turning off the light switch without touching it
  • Pace’s story of one-in-a-million muscle testing water and Drano (applied kinesiology)
  • Kyeli’s story of the hovering can opener
  • Pace & Kyeli’s story of seeing the Chase Bank building shimmer/flicker
  • Kyeli’s story of the Ouija board
  • What are some features these stories (and others) have in common?
  • Weird shit happens. Is it 100% weird brain shit? Or is some of it weird reality shit?

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