Enneagram Countertypes, with Beatrice Chestnut

Some Enneagram Fours don’t act like “typical” Fours, and so on for all nine types. If you are one of these “atypical” folks, you might dismiss the Enneagram completely since you don’t see yourself in the typical description of the type.

But perhaps it’s because you’re a countertype!

Bea Chestnut will explain what a countertype is, and how to know if you might be one.

The Enneagram gives us 9 archetypes
But some folks just don’t fit the stereotypes.
Bea Chestnut has planned
To help us understand
By delving into the 9 countertypes.

  • 3 centers: belly, heart, head
  • 3 Enneagram types within each center (for a total of 9 types)
  • 3 subtypes within each type, based on 3 instinctual drives (for a total of 27 subtypes)
  • one subtype of each type is called the “countertype” because it’s atypical for that type in some way (for a total of 9 countertypes)
  • social 8 “social antisocial/anti-conformist”
  • social 9 very full lives, full of everything but themselves
  • one-to-one 1 lets anger fly, like a volcano
  • self-pres 2 toward others, but also away from
  • self-pres 3 vanity for not having vanity, look good and also be good
  • self-pres 4 “long-suffering”, feels (or expresses) happy instead of sad/melancholy
  • one-to-one 5 in touch with emotions but may not express them publicly
  • one-to-one 6 counterphobic
  • social 7 wants to be of service to others, sometimes to help them get in touch with their own pain
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Beatrice ChestnutStay tuned for Bea’s newest work, including her upcoming online course, at beatricechestnut.com!

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