HeartMath and racism (IEA 2017 part 2 of 3)

Here’s more I learned from Philip Shepherd, and everything I learned from Sheva Carr at IEA 2017. And of course, we talk about racism.

Some fabulous speakers on scene,
A focus on practice: that’s keen.
We’re still old and white,
But there’s a lot we got right
at IEA 2017!

Part 1: Wholeness and sensing with the belly center (learned from Philip Shepherd)

  • “Ideas are frozen energy.” -Philip Shepherd
  • This is related to racism too! It’s so white to be in your head!
  • Does physical warmth correlate with emotional warmth? If so, why?
  • WCML 065: How to have awkward conversations about race without being afraid of fucking up, with Ericka Hines
  • “The most dangerous people on the planet are those who value their ideas about reality over reality itself.” -Philip Shepherd
  • A lunch conversation with the IEA board about diversity
  • Sheva Carr on HeartMath
  • Event + perception + reaction = outcome. That’s HeartMath.
  • The etymological fallacy
  • Talk about a time I felt authentic. My body is activated, my emotions are soft but big, and my thoughts are sharp.
  • She hit menopause at twenty due to PTSD but reversed it at 28 by HeartMath
  • You see the world the way you feel
  • An enemy is a friend whose story you have yet to hear.
  • A nine year old girl got a donor heart from a murder victim and identified the murderer in a lineup
  • Your coherence can encourage someone near you to become coherent.
  • We are all pacemaker cells within the heart of humanity.
  • You are the older twin for this world. You know what you’re the older twin for by what you care about.

You can find Sheva Carr at HeartMastery

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