Blood, more racism, laughter, and kindness: IEA 2017 part 3 of 3

This is it! Here is everything else I learned at IEA 2017.

Some fabulous speakers on scene,
A focus on practice: that’s keen.
We’re still old and white,
But there’s a lot we got right
at IEA 2017!

Part 1: Wholeness and sensing with the belly center (learned from Philip Shepherd)

Part 2: HeartMath and racism (IEA 2017 part 2 of 3)

Sandra Maitri

  • “Once a tiger tastes blood, it can’t rest until it tastes it again.” -Claudio Naranjo
  • “Move through your personality instead of transcending it.” -Sandra Maitri
  • The Enneagram is a map of how we interpret the disconnection from our deepest nature at a very young age. This implies that we are born in contact with our deepest nature.
  • Yogananda talked about the painting as a movie. Light is true nature, not the story. Your job is to turn toward the light and remember that’s who you truly are.
  • Inquiry is like The Work. Thinker prover. We draw to ourselves experiences that confirm our core assumptions.
  • Growth is almost impossible to do by yourself because we can’t see past our own lens. The second line of work?
  • Nested dolls of understanding self: outer to inner: Enneatype, emotional child (younger version of enneatype), soul child (younger version of the type if you follow the line of integration). Soul child didn’t work when we were very young, so emotional child forms as a reaction. After that, animal soul, after that pure being, inside that are divine qualities and these qualities are in everything

Dr. RaShon and Lynda Roberts

  • Collaborative engagement: Two people talking about race twice a month
  • The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond: resources to heal from racism
  • Lynda: The Enneagram taught me about me as a fish and other fish, but nothing about the sea we are are swimming in and the racist muck in that sea.
  • “Spring water flowing through the desert cannot survive. A river flowing through the desert cannot survive. It takes a flood to transform a desert.” -Two Thousand Seasons
  • The action is to gather more springs until we are a flood.
  • True connection creates compassion, which allows us to see past “the other”. The Enneagram facilitates this.
  • In Brazil they’re not gonna read The Wisdom of the Enneagram. They’re gonna ask you out for a drink and let’s talk about it.
  • The way we do the IEA is just “ehh” for non-white folks. Am I gonna buy a ticket for that? “Ehh”
  • Contrast: a bunch of black women get together for a potluck and the host says, “So what’s up?”
  • “The best thing you can offer your people is to tell them to sit with their suffering.” -Helen Palmer

Brian Mitchell-Walker and Devon Carter

  • Brain is in the future, heart is in the past, only the body is in the present
  • Extend your body (e.g. arms) to relax your identification with your type structure

Tom Condon

  • “Defensiveness is usually defensiveness about the perceived past.” -Tom Condon
  • The enneagram is like a car crashed into your living room and you just worked around it.
  • “A rowboat in the moonlight on a dark lake” makes Kyeli lose her shit

Marika Borg

  • “Never teach the enneagram unless you can be kind to each and every type.” -Don Riso
  • Kindness is necessary for transformation.
  • Our brain can handle 40 stressors each day. We have 400k-4M per day depending on lifestyle.
  • Kindness is natural when we are relaxed and happy.
  • 7 tips to help you be more kind

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