Bulldozer and Doormat

More detail (including live roleplay examples!) about the bulldozer/doormat pattern, in which one person dominates (often subconsciously) and one person submits (often subconsciously). Pace runs the bulldozer pattern and Kyeli runs the doormat pattern.

I’m bent on achieving a goal.
I’ll build up some steam, then I’ll roll.
But don’t be afraid;
If I am obeyed,
I won’t have to take your control.

A steamroller’s coming right at!
I’d better get down and lie flat.
I’m all out of steam,
So I’ll just join the team,
And turn myself into a mat.

  • Moving, minimizing, and the mainstream
  • Spiritual bypass
  • You’ll run Bulldozer if you’re raised to be dominant; you’ll run Doormat if you’re raised to be submissive or to minimize. This roughly correlates with raised male vs. raised female in most cultures.
  • Enneagram Threes and Eights often run Bulldozer, and Enneagram Fours, and Nines often run Doormat.

Shoutouts to my friend Bob McGarey for coining(?) “The Steamroller and the Doormat” which is where I probably got this terminology.

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