Radical Wholeness, with Philip Shepherd

Our culture’s all brain and no soul,
No connection and too much control.
Philip Shepherd’s the man
With a radical plan:
Reconnecting our parts with the whole.

  • The Story of a culture (e.g. Why should wearing a necktie make you feel respectable or competent?)
  • independence is an illusion
  • “The very idea that reality can be objectively known is dangerously seductive.” -Philip Shepherd
  • the limitations of science as it is practiced in Western culture
  • mechanistic worldview
  • Freedom as disconnection
  • The whole cannot be known, but it can be felt.

Wholeness and sensing with the belly center (learned from Philip Shepherd)

philip shepherdYou can find Philip’s work at philipshepherd.com. You can find his book, Radical Wholeness, at your local bookstore or on Amazon.

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