Lifelogging to find weird stuff

A camera that’s on round the clock
Is something at which most would balk.
But the stuff we could learn
Outweighs this concern.
I think, for weird stuff, it could rock.

  • We could solve etymological mysteries! e.g. nerd (1951), zit (1960s), “Earl-aye in the morning”
  • XKCD on weird stuff and the prevalence of cameras
  • lifelogging (private) vs. “life caching” (public)
  • This paper states:
    […] we do not feel that lifelogging is capable of reaching
    the “power” stage, just yet, is the challenge that is related to
    managing the amounts of data that are collected on a daily
    basis (Wang and Smeaton 2013), and the social issues
    related to collecting one’s daily experiences (e.g., privacy,
    Jacquemard et al. 2014).
  • Healthy skepticism vs. pseudoskepticism

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