Why Undertale fans are both the best and the worst fandom

This applies to any fandom that strongly relates to its characters. Spoiler warning for Undertale.

To choose a new topic at random,
Consider the Undertale fandom.
Some say they’re the best,
Some say they’re obsessed,
But we want to just understand ’em.

  • What is Undertale?
  • What is a fandom?
  • Immersion, empathy, and fourth-wall-breaking in Undertale
  • Ryukahr playing Undertale
  • Is it important to respect the gender of fictional characters? Yes.
  • Gendered Tetris
  • SJWs
  • The 2 reasons Undertale fans are perceived as annoying by outsiders
  • Potterheads
  • Steven Universe fans
  • Coca-Cola fans

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