Final episode: Pace and Kyeli’s 10 House Rules

Podcasting five years, it’s been swell!
But now we are saying farewell.
Let’s talk about why
We’re saying goodbye
With many more stories to tell.

A last parting gift, our ten jewels,
Ten easy-to-memorize tools
For living intentionally
And unconventionally:
They’re what we call our House Rules.

Pace & Kyeli’s House Rules

  1. Resilience, Not Perfection
  2. How About Now?
  3. It’s Always OK to Ask; It’s Always OK to Say No
  4. Always Mumble
  5. Never Hurry
  6. Never Wait
  7. Just Keep Crying
  8. Grown-Ass Women
  9. Assume Love
  10. You Are Not Alone
  11. Don’t Be Creepy in the Bathroom

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