No longer standing still.

On January 1st (01/01), I was in Brigid’s Well. My life changed.

On February 2nd (02/02), my uterus collapsed. My life changed.

Today is March 3rd (03/03).

Two weeks ago, I promised myself that today, I would pick up and move on. I will still honor the pain, I will still stop for hurting if I need to hurt. I will still cry when I need to cry and mourn when I need to mourn – and even mope when I need to mope.

But as of today, I will not default to mope. I will turn my face to the sun and step out of the shadow. I will make that terrifying appointment with the doctor that I’ve been avoiding for a month. I will give light to my new plans and new ideas; I will speak them and start working with them. I will make vision boards and plans.

I will stop hiding out of fear and pain.

I will move forward instead of standing still.

I’m ready. I’m finally ready.

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


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