No more Freaky Thursdays.

Well, I guess they’ll still be freaky. Because I’m so freaky, every day is freaky! You may have even already noticed, since there wasn’t a video yesterday.

So, no more videos. As Pace said in her beautiful, moving video on Tuesday, this whole video thing has been hard. For me, it was hard because I’m a jeep driver.

Doing things on a very regular schedule is very hard for me. I tend to lose motivation and get whiny and stuck. Having our blog overrun with scheduled posts all in series was driving me batty and stifling my creativity and making me cry.

The video run was an experiment. It was fun, but I’m glad it’s over. We’ll be doing at least one more video – on May 11th. We’ve got a big announcement coming! But otherwise, we’re done for now with the videos.

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