On sale for $1: An amazing assortment of authentic artifacts and amenities!

Look what the One Perfect Dollar students have created… and buy it for only $1!

30 days ago, the One Perfect Dollar 30-day challenge began. Today’s the day where the students share their offerings with the world. You are the world! (You may or may not be the children.)

And since the class is named “One Perfect Dollar,” that means you get to purchase these special products and services for the kind of ridiculously low price of $1.

The students get their first taste of selling something online, and you get a superbly good deal. Everybody wins!

We’ve got a wide variety of offerings, including:

  • an original song
  • an eBook on clutter clearing
  • handmade jewelry
  • and much, much more!

The sale lasts until this coming Monday, but some of these offerings are limited quantity (not everyone is willing to sell a hundred at the special sale price of $1) so take a look now at what’s on sale!

When you purchase, you’re buying directly from the seller – I don’t get anything except a warm fuzzy feeling. (I love my job.) This also means that the individual seller is responsible for delivering what you buy, and for any issues with the buying process or the product/service itself.

I’m so proud of what these amazing people have created. I hope you buy lots of things and they all bring you much joy!

You can browse all the offerings here:

One Perfect Dollar Marketplace

And please share the link widely! This sale is open to the public!

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