Peaceful Productivity and Spiritual Rollercoaster Academy are now open for registration!

Registration is now open for Peaceful Productivity!

Peaceful Productivity is our new course on getting things done without violently forcing yourself to do them. Registration closes at midnight on Tuesday, July 30th (because class begins on the 31st) which is quite soon, so take a look now!

You have big dreams. It's going to take some time to turn them into reality – you know that, you get that. But where is that time going to come from? You're so busy you can hardly find any time for your Great Work, and when you finally do… (this is the embarrassing part) you get overwhelmed, so you procrastinate and waste time instead. Then you beat yourself up and doubt yourself. You think, "If my Great Work were really that important to me, I'd be able to just sit down and do it."

It's enough to get you down. It's almost enough to make you want to give up. To think you're not cut out for this.

I know, because I've thought those same things myself many times.

But the truth is that there's nothing wrong with you – there's something wrong with the entire productivity industry.

Tell me, how many books and courses have you seen with titles like these?

  • Kick The $%&@ Out Of Your Fear
  • Overcoming Your Resistance By Punching It In The Face
  • Tie Yourself To A Chair And Write, Dammit!
  • Self-Discipline – The Revolutionary "Shame Yourself" Method

Okay, so maybe they don't all come right out and show their true colors in their titles, but their advice basically boils down to those 3 hateful words I loathe with every fiber of my being: "Just do it."

And when you read those books or take those courses, the message you take home with you is:

  • "You should feel ashamed of feeling afraid and overwhelmed."
  • "You should feel ashamed of procrastinating and resisting."
  • "You should feel ashamed if this doesn't come easily to you."
  • "You should feel ashamed because you can't 'just do it'."

Shame, shame, shame. Animal trainers figured out that praise works better than shame in the 1900's – why haven't our authors, teachers, and leaders caught up to the current century?

So let's set that shame aside. (Don't kick it in the face – just set it aside gently.)

Let's choose compassion over shame.

Let's choose peace over violence.

Let's choose love over fear.

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Peaceful Productivity is a 5-week course taught online and on the phone, where you'll learn how to get things done peacefully – without violently forcing yourself to do them. peaceful-motivation-3-stepsThe way to become awesome at anything is to practice it. The way to practice it is to have the time and motivation to practice it.

You'll learn how to amplify, channel, and bottle your passion so you'll actually feel like being productive. You'll harness your procrastination as a motivational force, like a spaceship slingshotting around the moon. You'll build peaceful habits to make difficult things effortless. You'll find time for what's important to you even if you're moonlighting or super busy.

And you'll apply all these techniques to your life by completing several bite-sized exercises with guidance, support, and accountability. At the end of the 5-week class, you'll have the knowledge, the skills, the support, and the setup to go forth and be peacefully productive!

Find out more about Peaceful Productivity and register for the course by clicking here! Registration closes at midnight on Tuesday, July 30th.

Spiritual Rollercoaster Academy

And that's not the only thing that opens today! Today, we open the doors of Spiritual Rollercoaster Academy to the public.

Spiritual Rollercoaster Academy is an online academy dedicated to helping spiritual entrepreneurs bridge the practical and the profound.

One month ago, we opened the first 30 spots quietly, only to subscribers of this eZine. All 30 spots filled up within 48 hours, and the Academy has been a wild success. Here's what some of our students have to say about it:

The thing I love the most about Spiritual Rollercoaster Academy is coming into community with like-minded people. The internet has opened up the world, but it can still be really difficult to find the right people. Other spiritual communities I've been a part of have left me a bit cold; they've mostly been about what goods and services members are selling. Spiritual Rollercoaster Academy isn't like that at all. It's about connection; it's full of people like me who do want to change the world, who do live for a higher purpose, and who want to create a new paradigm for spiritual businesses.

-Sandi Wedemeier, Emotional Maturity coach & professional psychic

I'm so grateful to be part of Spiritual Rollercoaster Academy. The best part of it is the awesomeness of being with my fellow square-peggers, my fellow giraffes, and being accepted for who I am. You and Kyeli are fantastic role models. The two of you make my heart sing.

-NanLeah N. Mick

I listened to the Ice Cream Saturday recording today, and it was PURE AWESOMENESS. You are getting me right where I'm at. Even the three problems people voted for were my three problems. I totally get what you were saying and I am seeing a light at the end of the dark tunnel of un-productiveness. That call alone was worth at least two or three times the cost of joining the Academy. I cannot wait for the full course!

-Steph Slawek, Wholehearted Yoga Teacher

You and Kyeli have got something special going on. You inspire me and help me feel like I'm okay, just by you guys talking about your own experiences and sharing your stories.

I attended the first Ice Cream Saturday and I felt uplifted by it, even though I didn't participate. And I had the same experience this past weekend – the Ice Cream Saturday helped me keep a good frame of mind throughout the whole weekend.

I'm enjoying the topics you teach about. I loved the decluttering call. I'm looking forward to Peaceful Productivity. I'm a big fan of David Allen's Getting Things Done, but I know there needs to be peace in being productive, and that's hard for me to find. I know how to be productive and organized, but I'm missing the calm that is supposed to come from being productive and organized. I'm hoping that Peaceful Productivity helps me find the keys to unlock the door to peace. It's what I really need in my life right now.

I'm enjoying the cameraderie of the group; I'm getting to know people in the forum.

It feels right. I don't know how else to say it – it just feels right.

-Carol Anne Wall, EmDashProf

Best of all, membership in Spiritual Rollercoaster Academy includes Peaceful Productivity – along with every other class we teach!

So if you're a spiritual entrepreneur struggling to bridge the practical and the profound, come join us at Spiritual Rollercoaster Academy.

And if you know other spiritual entrepreneurs, please point them to; we'd love to meet them!


Registration for Peaceful Productivity opens today! (closes on Tuesday July 30th)

The doors of Spiritual Rollercoaster Academy are now open to the public!

Please share widely and with an open heart! <3

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