Opening the Moneyflow

We are currently $23,000 in debt.

We’re filled up with project ideas through 2011 and, in one case, into 2012.

Business is doing great! Next year we expect to pay off all our debt, grow our business, and help oodles of people change the world.

So why sign up for Opening the Moneyflow, Mark Silver’s 6-month course?

It’s expensive, and we’re already in debt. We’re already doing well in our business. We’re already so full up of ideas, in fact, that I don’t know where we’d find room to put anything we learn in the course.

Because our hearts say yes.

But Pace, how can you trust a major financial and business decision solely to your heart, you ask? Well, here’s my head’s two cents.

I know that sometimes “leap, and the net will appear” turns out to be more like “leap, and the floor will appear.” For example, I felt that my heart said yes to quitting my day job to follow my dreams, but that turned out to be a stupid idea.

Growing our business took time, and working half-time gave us the space and comfort to follow our dreams with curiosity and alignment instead of panicked terror.

But you know when I realized that? Heart of Money. Mark’s other course. That was when we made the decision to work half-time at my day job and cut our expenses in half to make our journey sustainable.

Heart of Money was also life-changing spiritually and emotionally. It helped me establish a daily spiritual practice — something I’ve never stuck with before — and to let go of my fear of running out of money.

I’ve misread my heart before, but not when it comes to Mark Silver.

We’ll cut back our travel plans for 2011. We’ll only go to World Domination Summit and, of course, SXSW.

We won’t buy any other courses or information products. This will be our entire business development budget for the year (and more!). It’ll dovetail nicely with Kyeli’s 2011 book-buying ban, which she’ll be posting about soon.

Okay, head, that was way more than two cents.


We’re doing it. We’re signing up for the Premium version of Opening the Moneyflow, the version that includes one-on-one coaching with Mark.

I’m scared. It’s a big leap.

But I’m going to take a page from Kyeli’s book and… have faith.

Feel clear and confident about your direction in life!


Do you wish you could follow your heart, but it seems impossible? I can help you find the clarity and courage you need.

In other words, I can help you find your path.