Our newsletter isn’t just email versions of blog posts.

Hey, everyone. Kyeli is feeling a bit shaky and introspective lately, so I’m handling the business and technical side of things to give her space to process. Writing is a big part of her process, so I’m sure she’ll be sharing some of her thoughts and feelings with the rest of us, too.

But today, I want to correct a misunderstanding about our newsletter — it’s not just email versions of the blog posts. (If you want to get the blog posts emailed to you, here’s the link for that.)

In the newsletter, you’ll read inspiring thoughts, ideas that motivate, and awesome treats on how to make personal, life, and world-changing improvements! You know, kind of like our blog, except shorter (usually 1-3 paragraphs), more focused, and less frequent.

The newsletter also contains, well… news! We talk about all the neat things we’re planning and what’s going on within our community. Like, for instance, upcoming product releases. Newsletter subscribers get the news first and we also offer newsletter-only discounts.

We’re releasing 52 Weeks to Awesome later this year and a surprise for you next week, so I wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted the newsletter-only discount gets the newsletter-only discount. (:

So if you want to, you can join by clicking here, and if you don’t like it, it’s easy to unsubscribe.

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That’s it from me; now back to your regularly scheduled Kyeli. (:

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