Feeling overwhelmed?

You can feel spacious and empowered instead, and it’ll only take 90 minutes of your time.


In this short class, you’ll leave your overwhelm behind. Instead of flailing about in panic, you’ll be empowered to make useful progress peacefully.

You’ll work through an exercise that will close your “open loops” – the things you worry about that constantly cycle through your head, the things that make you feel overwhelmed. You’ll get those pesky loops out of your head so you can think clearly, and feel peaceful and spacious!

You’ve got important work to do, and overwhelm is keeping you locked up and ineffective. It also, frankly, sucks to feel tense and anxious all the time!

This class will create spaciousness in your mind, so you can get your work out of your heart and into the world.


Overcome Overwhelm is a 90-minute class taught over the phone. (Or via Skype audio.)

When you register for class, I’ll email you the phone number (or Skype ID) to call.

What if you’re not available at that time?

You can listen to the recording. It’ll be just as helpful! The only difference is that we won’t be available live to answer your questions.

Here’s the breakdown of the class:

  • We’ll begin with a brief peacefulness meditation. Feeling relaxed and open will help you get the most out of the class.
  • You’ll learn the true nature of overwhelm, some useful tips and tricks to get out of it, and how to do the exercise.
  • You’ll get off the phone and actually do the exercise right then! If you have questions or get stuck, call back in and we’ll help you.
  • An hour after the beginning of class, everyone calls back in. You’re invited to share how the exercise went for you. We’ll learn from each others’ experiences and celebrate our successes!

What you need to do to prepare

post-it notes and markersBefore class, you’ll need:

  • To clear off a flat surface (like a table)
  • A bunch of post-it notes (multiple colors are best, index cards will do in a pinch)
  • A pen or marker (colored markers if you want to get fancy)

That’s all you need!

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

To be the first to know when I teach another round of Overcome Overwhelm, sign up for my weekly eZine. Plus, you’ll receive my free eBook, Find Your Path Now!