Pace Explains Profitable Idealism

In this video, I explain the philosophy of profitable idealism. And I explain it by:

  • bad math
  • Einstein’s theory of relativity
  • REALLY bad math
  • lame Star Trek jokes
  • dissing Texas

As I explained, the philosophy of Profitable Idealism is pretty revolutionary. Social entrepreneurs since the 70’s (or, depending on how you count, since the 1900’s — Quaker Oats was founded by Quakers, after all) have been practicing ethical business.

So why is the revolution only happening now?

I’ve got two theories.

Theory #1: The global paradigm is shifting from control to connection. More people care about being conscious consumers, and about supporting businesses that do good.

Theory #2: Purely profit-oriented businesses simply cannot compete in today’s marketplace. With more choices available to customers and a free flow of information via the internet, customers are choosing idealistic businesses over similar offers from profit-oriented businesses.

Whichever theory is true, I believe that Profitable Idealism is the wave of the future, which is why I’m all excited about it!

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