Pace sings a jingle for Johnny B. Truant

We spent twenty minutes (okay, 21 minutes) interviewing Johnny B. Truant about his new extremely freaky extremely revolutionary program, Question the Rules.

Johnny has a partner, Lee Stranahan, who in turn interviewed Pace and me for the Question the Rules lineup, which you can access once you’re in. And trust us on this one – you want in. It’s unbelievably awesome, even though it somehow managed to make Johnny think Pace and I are one person.

But it’s okay, because we set the record straight correct.

The entire program is hella awesome, like Johnny B. and Mr. Stranahan himselves. It’s also for all types of freaks, not just entrepreneurs; there’s even a module that made me cry. Seriously great stuff; we’re proud to be included.

Also, the price quadruples tomorrow, so I recommend you check it out today.

Anyway, the entire interview with Johnny is worth listening to (naturally; why else would I bother you with it?), but the very best minute is the very last one. (; Enjoy!

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