Passion doesn’t require attachment; it requires engagement

In Iron Pentacle class, we talked about passion. My concept of passion is that it’s what drives you toward your goals, what ties you to the work you want to do, what fires you up or what nourishes you as you journey.

It seemed obvious to me that to be passionate about something, you must also be attached to it.

This brings up some interesting associations, because we talk a lot about how attachment can bring disappointment. It seemed like two sides of the same coin; if you’re passionate about something, YAY! you get motivation and excitement and all that good stuff! And BOO! you also get disappointment and frustration if you can’t achieve your passion. It’s just the way the world works, right?


To be passionate, you don’t need to be attached. You just need to be engaged. This blew my mind, and is so important that I’m going to say it again in different words and in bold. And heck, I’ll even change the title of the post to be this.

Passion doesn’t require attachment; it requires engagement.

Engagement. What does that mean? It means actively participating in things. It means connecting to them emotionally. You can engage with your passions without getting attached to them. It’s like loving someone without being jealous. You can get all the good stuff without the negative!

This is going to help me a lot. I used to have a pattern where I would get passionate about something, then either it would die down and I’d feel guilty, or it wouldn’t come to fruition and I’d feel disappointed. This led to me having mixed feelings about passion itself.

But now that I know that passion doesn’t require attachment, it only requires engagement, I can shift my point of view. If I notice myself getting attached to something I’m passionate about, I’ll think about it and see if I’d rather be engaged with it instead.

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