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Do you want to live a wholehearted, unconventional life?

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The Dervish and the Mermaid is a podcast about pathfinding, the Enneagram, living wholeheartedly, feminism & activism for sensitive people, self-love & body love, and plenty more!

Pace (the Dervish) is a Sufi, a Pathfinding coach, a pansexual polyamorous transgender Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) player, and an Enneagram 3.

Kyeli (the Mermaid) is a wildhearted witch, a self-love advocate, disabled, adventurous, and an Enneagram self-pres 4.

Together, we fight crime! …as well as curiously explore how the world works, build bridges of compassion by working to understand people who are different, investigate how to be effective activists when we’re both highly sensitive, and generally explore life through the lens of mystic feminist queer gamer geeks.

We live our lives wholeheartedly and we’re here to help you do the same.

We publish a new episode every Thursday morning, so tune in to join us for these and all sorts of other shenanigans!

p.s. This is the podcast formerly known as Wild Crazy Meaningful Life (and also the podcast formerly known as Wild Crazy Meaningful Enneagram); listen to episode 121 to find out why.

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