Why politics is a waste of time

Politics is a big fat waste of time.

Why don’t you get a Ph.D in engineering, then never build anything?

A lot of people consume a lot of politics, but never do anything with it. They stay up to date on current events and political news, they lose sleep over it, they talk about it incessantly, but they never do anything with it. It’s like spending a decade in college and graduate school to get a Ph.D in engineering, but then never actually building anything.

Either produce something instead of endlessly consuming, or do neither, and do something useful with your life instead.

Activism doesn’t work.

And if people do decide to act instead of simply consuming, they usually choose activism. They make a bunch of signs, get together with other people who agree with them, and stand around.

You know what? Activism hasn’t worked since the 60’s. Why did it work back then? Because it made people uncomfortable. Now it’s expected. It’s part of the background noise. Oh, activists. Oh, they’re having a rally.

We expect protesters to protest pretty much anything these days, pro or con. Activists have lost their power to make us uncomfortable. We’re jaded and we’ve seen it all before.

And so, activism is also a big fat waste of time.

Politics distracts us from what’s really important.

We get so caught up in what the politicians are going to do that we lose sight of the bigger picture.

Why have we given up our personal power to these people?

Why do politicians even have a say in our day-to-day lives?

Why are other people authorized to kill on my behalf? I don’t want that.

It’s like the manipulation trick that parents use on their kids. Instead of giving them a real choice, you give them the illusion of choice. “Do you want to take a bath now, or do you want to take a bath later?” Note that “Do you want to avoid taking a bath entirely” is conspicuously missing from the list of choices.

But without politics, we’d have no laws, and there would be lots of crime and war and stuff!

Yup, you’re probably right — but only in the current paradigm. Politics is possibly the best way to make the current system suck less. So if that’s your goal, if that’s your life’s work, then I wish you luck. You’re helping make things better for us, and that’s admirable. You keep on doing what you’re doing.

We’re doing something different.

We’re changing the world into a world that doesn’t need politics.

Why would there be lots of crime and war and stuff without politics and laws and people to enforce them? Because we’re living in a control paradigm instead of a connection paradigm. If we all lived in community and connection with one another and with ourselves, then we could come up with a better solution than politics. Politics is inherently anti- connection paradigm. It forces you to give up your personal power to someone you don’t know. Even if you feel a connection to your politician, the feeling isn’t mutual, simply because of the way the political hierarchy is arranged and the 150-person cap on any one person’s monkeysphere.

Local and community politics aren’t necessarily broken.

When you get to a smaller scale, where the number of people involved is less than 150, it’s possible to work together in community to make things happen. Moreover, it’s possible to do it without resorting to control paradigm tactics and systems that require isolation to work.

Due to the fact that we’re living in a control paradigm, these systems do often break down into petty politics, power plays, and fighting without ever really listening to each other. But they’re not inherently broken.

So what’s the alternative?

A paradigm shift.

Right now, most of the humans on Earth are playing the Politics Game. They believe that the way to change the world is by doing well at the Politics Game. And that’s true — if everyone else is playing the same game.

What we’re saying is that we can choose to play a different game.

Sounds lovely, but how exactly do you propose to do it?

Without players, a game is nothing. If enough people stop playing the Politics Game, the game becomes meaningless. The politicians no longer have power over us, because the people who enforce the rules are people too. When we create a paradigm shift, those people won’t want to play the game anymore either. The game board will have lost all its pieces, and there will be no one left to play.

After that, it’s up to us to create a new game for ourselves. Maybe a bunch of smaller games, because there’s no one right way. Maybe a game without rules but with principles instead — rules are so old paradigm!

One thing for sure, we can’t do it alone. We’re only two people.

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