Help Kyeli build a ramp!

The accident…

On January 16th 2014, I was hit by a car as I walked home from a lovely afternoon tea date with my friends. It was the most devastating experience of my life. As a result of the impact, I have lost most of the use of my right leg, and my left isn’t far behind.


The doctors are no help; the pain meds they put me on gave me chronic heartburn and tinnitus. I am in constant pain, and I now use a wheelchair most of the time. And my emotional state has been all over the map, to say the least.

Let’s fast forward a bit, shall we?

In January of this year, Pace and I decided to move. Our apartment wasn’t accessible, and my legs were clearly not improving – and not going to improve – so it was time. But Portland is growing so fast and the cost of living is skyrocketing as a result, we ended up spending a frantic 3 months looking for a new place.

And we eventually found the Skywhale – but it turned out to be less accessible than we’d hoped, after all. So once again we found ourselves looking to move, and facing the rising costs of housing + the lack of accessible housing.


Throughout this whole saga, we were talking to our bestie, Kelly. The three of us began discussing living together, and eventually decided that this is the right time and her house is the right place, and omg now we’re moving across the country from Oregon to New York and moving in together in her adorbs house nestled in the Hudson Valley!! Woo!!

The one big catch?


Her house has a staircase up to the porch. 5 steps – steps of doom!

Did I mention that my legs don’t work? Yeah, that’s kind of a problem.

Here’s where you come in!

We are immensely fortunate to have a handy-dandy friend who is clever and awesome and is going to build us a ramp. And we need to pay the man for his work and pay for all the materials involved. We’re looking at about $2000, which is less than half of any of the other estimates we received, but is still a pretty hefty chunk of change.

Look, we even have plans:



click images to enlarge

Rad, right?!?

We are asking for your help.

We’re asking you, our beloved friend, to give a little (or a lot!) to the building of a ramp that will allow me access to our new home, and enable me to come and go and not be trapped and have all the sads. Indeed – the ramp will give me all the happies!!


And you can help! You can help us build my ramp, which will be the biggest help of all the helps ever!! I am hugging you with my heart right now just for thinking about helping me!! Imagine how much my heart will be hugging you once you’ve pitched in. It will be redonkulous—redonkulously AWESOME.

But wait! There’s more!

If you donate $50 or more, we will paint your name (or nom de plume or handle or whatevs) onto the ramp. It will be such an amazing experience to see all the names of the lovely people who helped me every time I go anywhere and every time I come back home! I can’t think of anything more lovely.


Any amount is fantabulous! Every penny helps! And remember, if you give $50 or more, we’ll paint your name onto the ramp itself. Yay!

Click this PayPal button to donate right now!

We arrive at our new home on September 25th, so be sure to get your donation in before then. Woop woop! Thank you so amazingly much!!

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