I’ve decided to go with Rimu to host my upcoming Ruby on Rails application application. (That is, the web application to handle job applications.) They seem very knowledgeable, very dedicated to customer support, and they provide root access on a VPS. I was worried about becoming a full-time sysadmin/babysitter of the RoR app, but they sent me the following email that clinched it for me. And I also learned something about Ruby on Rails uptime, admin, and deployment that I hadn’t been able to get a straight answer to until now.

About keeping your rails app up, rails is usually stable enough on most modern deployments to not need too much babysitting. But we can help you set things up such that your mongrel processes and other stuff get restarted, just in case they crash.

For the quick and routine stuff, we usually do the admin free of charge. But if things do get hairy, we charge $10/15 mins. And we tell you if something will be charged before we do it, so you won’t get unexpected charges.

When you get your hosting with us, you get really good support. All our support people are real linux engineers. We’re not call center people. We are knowledgeable about things and some of us are even rails developers. So if you ever get yourself into a tight spot, we will be able to help you.

When you’re ready to order your VPS, just head on to this page:


Just mention that you want the rimu rails stack to be installed. Also mention any other special requests you may have or what other specific apps you want installed. If you have other questions, just email us.


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