Scholarship Contest for the WCWW2


(Well, maybe not entirely a surprise, as we did this last year, too. But it’s still worth a little confetti, I think.)


We are offering five full scholarships for the World-Changing Writing Workshop!

Each scholarship includes full registration to all the calls, the recordings and transcripts, all the bonus materials, the WCWW Workbook, and full membership in the Writers’ Guild (which comes with its own host of goodies and extras!). That’s a lot of stuff! And the full price for the Workshop is $445 – so the scholarships are a big gift, too.

The scholarships are for anyone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend, but feels called to this work. We’re leaving the rest up to you; we trust your integrity.

Join our mailing list to get the details for entry.

This is different from last year – and it’s an important difference. Last year, we had some people who entered because they just wanted something for free. We even had some people who weren’t interested in writing at all! (I admit, those people confused me greatly.)

This year, we’re only making the scholarship details available to the people on the World-Changing Writing list – which is the place to be if you’re into changing the world with your writing. This’ll be a win-win: you get to enter the scholarship contest and get all the freebies and tips we send to the list (and the scoop on the World-Changing Writing Workshop as we go along), and we get entrants who are eager and whole-hearted about changing the world with their writing!

That said, the contest begins immediately (seriously, right now), so jump on our list for the details and get your words flowing!

(Need some inspiration? Check out last year’s winners!)

Legalese: all entries are subject to the whims of the Connection Revolution. We aren’t asshats, so we won’t be mean about it. We will be posting all five of the winning entries publicly. We may post the rest of the entries publicly as well. We will, of course, let you know if we choose to do this, and we won’t mind if you post your own entry elsewhere.

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