Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 004: Mark Silver on healing the messed-up marketplace

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Mark Silver believes that every act of business can be an act of love. He presences this in his own business and helps his clients do the same.

Mark Silver is wise, kind, and smart,
But that’s not what sets him apart.
For Mark and his crew
Know this to be true:
Your business can work with your heart.


  • How did the world of business get so messed up in the first place?
  • Mark and I work through a good cop / bad cop (good marketer / bad marketer) example of using pain points to write sales copy about back pain.
  • When not to follow your heart (I never thought I’d hear Mark say this!)
  • What can we as spiritual entrepreneurs do to heal the messed-up marketplace?

You can find Mark Silver at HeartOfBusiness.com. I highly recommend signing up for his newsletter!

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