Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 005: Hiro Boga on listening and observing

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Hiro Boga didn’t create her business so much as she grew into it – slowly, comfortably, and with plenty of listening and observing.

Like Socrates, she wears a toga.
She practices Ashtanga yoga.
Her miracles flow
And set you aglow.
I speak of (of course) Hiro Boga.

However, Hiro does not in fact wear a toga or practice Ashtanga yoga, so here is a more accurate limerick:

Hiro’s predominant goal
Is helping your business be whole.
As you might expect,
You’ve got to connect
With your business’s deva – its soul.


  • Hiro’s vision in the fog when she was 4 years old
  • Hiro’s twisty, winding path to online business
  • “Somehow here in the West, we think of spiritual entrepreneurs from being different from other entrepreneurs, and as business as being different from spirituality. For me, I didn’t grow up with that division.” -Hiro Boga
  • Balancing your inner and outer needs
  • How can you bring your tender, vulnerable heart into the harsh, uncaring world of business?

You can find Hiro Boga at hiroboga.com. There are lots of little miracles there, including Deva Cards for you to dive into.

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