Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 006: Molly Gordon on why good people need to sell themselves

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A lot of good-hearted would-be entrepreneurs are allergic to business. In this episode, Molly and I get to the root of some of these most common business blind spots.

Molly Gordon is someone from whom
You’ll learn how your business can bloom.
Her vision and theme:
“Life could be a dream.”
And Molly’s dream sounds like “Shaboom!”


  • Do what you love that serves others, and the money will follow.
  • Start saying yes. When you put yourself out there, your people will tell you what they want.
  • Common business blind spots:
    1. “It’s not nice to toot my own horn.”
    2. “Your motives are suspect if you put yourself out into the world and want to earn money in return.”
    3. “The people who need you can’t afford you.”
  • pay-what-you-wish sales
  • “the resentment number”
  • “Does that need to be true?”
  • creativity thrives on constraints
  • Reluctance to sell is due to a lack of confidence that you can help
  • why good people should sell themselves

You can find Molly Gordon at shaboominc.com. She’s got a great free guide there called Joyful Connections: 12 Principles of Authentic Promotion.

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