Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 007: Julia Kious Zabell on sliding scales

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Julia Kious Zabell shares her story about getting in right relationship with money.

I know of a woman who’s swell.
She helps her do-gooders excel.
She’s got two tattoos,
And leopard-print shoes:
She’s Julia Kious Zabell.


  • how being a waitress helped Julia become a better coach
  • leadership, empowerment, and victim mentality
  • an extra bonus limerick about intuition
  • Brene Brown and vulnerability
  • teledildonics
  • “I drank the kool-aid that said i had to learn from other people all the time.”
  • taking a bite out of a mountain
  • getting in right relationship with money
  • “As an entrepreneur, I get to define what success is, and it isn’t just all about the money.”
  • sliding scales
  • “What do you bring other than money?”

You can find Julia Kious Zabell at beinvigorated.com and on Facebook.

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