Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 008: Fabeku Fatunmise on superpowers

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You don’t have to choose between slimy effectiveness and meek integrity. You can choose to discover and use your superpower.

In his red shoes, he will take you
Where sonic amazement will wake you.
A shaman and geek,
Of whom do I speak?
The awesomesauce that is Fabeku.


  • concussion grenade marketing
  • Busting the myth that you have to choose between slimy effectiveness and meek integrity
  • “Field of Dreams” marketing doesn’t work
  • superpowers!
  • What is a “rev”, and why is it so awesome?
  • What makes change stick?
  • You’re bigger than you think you are.
  • “I felt like a broken person, and I was dragging that into my business. I was scared to death of being rejected.”
  • Fabeku’s shamanic path
  • What does Batman have to do with all this?

You can find Fabeku at fabeku.com.

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