Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 009: Rachna Jain on traffic

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Dr. Rachna Jain of Profitable Popularity covers a heart-centered overview of getting more traffic – and what to do with that traffic.

Traffic comes to your domain.
That much is simple and plain.
But here’s what’s so funny:
That traffic’s not money.
That’s why you need Rachna Jain.


  • translating mechanistic old-school marketing terms:
    • funnel → transformation pathway
    • traffic → potentially interested clients
    • conversion → showing up to the party and taking an action
  • “You can’t accidentally do something black hat.”
  • combining logic and spirit
  • Jain’s Hierarchy of Business Needs (see graphic below)
  • 1,000 true fans
  • Living a montage from the inside


You can find Rachna Jain at ProfitablePopularity.com. She’s got an email newsletter and she’d love to hear from you!

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