Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 011: Theresa Reed on divination, guidance, and Tarot

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“The cards tell a story, but you still write the ending.” -Theresa Reed

Theresa Reed helps people grow.
She dishes tough love like a pro.
Her major vocation
Is deep divination.
Specifically, reading Tarot.


  • charging money for something you’re not really doing
  • “You’re paying for my time. The lessons are always free.” -Theresa Reed’s son’s drum teacher
  • I Ching
  • how to be a good Tarot client
  • “I don’t need to do magic anymore; I am magic.” -Theresa Reed
  • “I don’t see anything egotistical about being in control of your life.” -Theresa Reed


You can find Theresa Reed at thetarotlady.com.

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