Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 013: Ronna Detrick on divine women’s stories

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We talk about the Divine Feminine as illustrated by women’s stories from the Bible.

She’s studied the Catholic Madonna
As well as the Buddhist nirvana.
She now inventories
Divine women’s stories.
Please welcome my special guest Ronna.


  • ancient wisdom vs. patriarchal values – don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater
  • the patrisharky
  • the story of Eve from two different perspectives
  • “My desire is the aspect of myself that is closest to God.” -Ronna Detrick
  • “If we could understand God, that would not be much of a God.” -Ronna Detrick
  • Ronna speaks on God’s behalf

You can find Ronna at RonnaDetrick.com. Check out her site, especially her class Soulstice which starts in January!

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