Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast 016: Tad Hargrave on Marketing For Hippies

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There once was a hippie named Tad.
His sliminess made him feel sad.
So he put that behind
And then he designed
A marketing plan that feels rad.


  • Tad’s journey from slime to rad
  • Why does slimy marketing exist?
  • Where do you draw the line between what feels good and what feels slimy? (with examples)
  • The 4 steps Tad helps hippies with:
    1. Marketing feels gross. Antidote: It’s not about selling. It’s about finding the truth of “is this a fit?”
    2. Where do I fit in the marketplace?
    3. What do I want to be known for?
    4. Making it easier to get clients/customers (going from cold to warm to hot marketing)
  • Changing the world. “What if everyone used this marketing tactic?”
  • Tad closes with some sleight of hand and a Gaelic blessing


You can find Tad Hargrave at MarketingForHippies.com.

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